Welcome to the registration form.


With a few clicks You can fill in HERE for Expedition Steal (80€ p.p.), the Climbers Day (139€ p.p.), the Expedition eXtrem (99€ p.p.) or the Bows&Arrows Workshop (59€ p.p.).

If You are looking for a present You will find our gift voucher HERE.

If You already have a voucher (from us or from Ticketsprinter) You can sign in and fix Your date of event HERE . Other vouchers (Jochen Schweizer, Mydays, Jollydays, Revierkönig etc.) you have to sign in on there homepages.

We send our vouchers via mail during 2-3 days. In the letter You will find an invoice, a comfirmation of Your registration and several other informations.

NEW is our present box. Order it, open it, fold it, put the vouchers into...ready! Best looking present! Click for it in the registration form (5€ per for the printed box).


For a group or an individual group appointment give us a message via Mail or use our contact form.

Of course You can reach us on phone. The office hours are Mo-Fr from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.. Call 0203 - 9868091.


The team by power-ruhrgebiet GmbH is pleased to meet You!



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