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Welding workshop

Do You have a better Idea to tie people together? "Hot flame" our welding workshop is best for improving Your team!

Light arcs, flying sparks, angle grinder, bench vice and all the gear for working with metall and for You to work with them. An active workshop for beginners and everybody who wants to get some tips and tricks. To build a metall souvenir and to hit the target planning and agreement with the whole team is essential. How to work with the gear? How to fixe the pieces togehter? How to get a well done welding line? And how to get a really acceptable output?

Be part of Your team. There will be gift for it! 





Welding info

The material for the welding workshop is transportable. We can offer the workshop everywhere.

All necessary gear is provided.

We need around 2 hours for the workshop and its done by qualified and skilled trainers.

Possible for groups around 10 participants. 1.600,-€ (incl. VAT) per day (6 hours eventtime max.3 groups in series).

Appointments with individual agreements.


Depending to the time for the event and the number of participants we can produce different works of art. In the past among tutorial of professional artisans we formed artwork, vehicles of every description, savingsboxes, give aways and lot more. Definitely its unforseeable what we will produce in the workshop but be shure its an interesting, exciting and fascinating time while the team is getting tied togehter.


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