Untreated wood, a saw mill, a flip chart for the project planning and a lot of tool equipment for the installation. The job is building a wodden hut for a social benefit. Looks not easy? Right! Now most wanted are the strategist and planner in the group! How many shelves can be sawed out of a trunk of a tree? How to build the roof? Is there a door? What about the time schedule? It is not the mechanical skill wich leads the group to the goal. Building a complete and complexe wodden hut in a permitted time needs more than men power. The group will learn many aspects of team work, perseverance and systems for optimisation.



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The group will build a wooden hut, a house for the kindergarten, a tool shed or whatever from untreated wood. Minimum number of participants is 20 people. We can also offer the workshop in different places, wherever You like (indoor variants possible!. The program needs in addiction from the number of participants 5 hours. All necessary gear is provided.

4.550,- € (incl. VAT) each hut with social benefit and rebuilding from power-ruhrgebiet within a radius of 100km (from Duisburg).

3.800.- € (incl. VAT) each hut with disposal of waste for the hut.

power-ruhrgebiet GmbH                   

Tel.: 0203-9868091


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