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The teambuilding workshop "hand and brain" includes different elements and units of a classical teamtraining. In an entertaining way and in the surrounding of the extraordinary ambiance we built a new platform for a joint action and fresh thinking. The workshop is an outdoor activity and we implify the setting of the old industrial areal in the units. Thus we playfully gather new experiences for the participiants. They are able to meet each other and lern something new about the colleague on a different and special level.





Info teambuilding

We provide about 15 different teambuilding elements and units in the area of the Landschaftspark. It depends on Your time frame and has to be tailored to Your particular needs. 

Its possible to order the workshop in other places.

Time frame: about. 2 hours program

Participiants: > 10 people

Costs: 80,00€ (incl. VAT) each participiant.



It's important to work hard. But teamwork is just as important!"

Teamwork is an important factor of work in our company structures in nowadays. To intend and to intensify teamwork and teamplay we prepare a new level of communication for the team. They have to find answers to the problems of the elements. This only works in the team and with the team. Each member is important and has to be a piece of the puzzle. Communication within the team, cooperation and motivation of each member is neccessary.   

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