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Strike while the iron´s hot...

An old forge in the middle of the village Ruhrgebiet. Flying sparks all around because the iron must be stroked when its hot. A sweaty adventure with a big hammer and a strong ambos. Looks so easy when its done by professionals! Try it! It will make a lot of fun. You will need Your time to produce Your first nail but it will be a long time in Your memory. We have many nice workshops in the Landschaftspark but this one is a perfect choice for the surrounding

Forging workshop info

The forge is transportable. We can offer the workshop everywhere.

All necessary gear is provided.

We need around 2 hours for the workshop and its done by qualified and skilled trainers.

Possible for groups around 10 participants. 1.800,-€ (incl. VAT) per day (6 hours eventtime max. 3 groups in series).

Appointments with individual agreements.




Although it looks very easy it will take its time to produce a simple item the first time.

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