This is a complete different thing to experience the area of the Landschaftspark. Within our creative workshop we provide different technics like screw painting, frottage, silhouette and other art work methods. We work with the area, use the facilities, collect goods on the ground, work with them or place them in our pictures, collages and art work. Together we can build Your company logo, develop group art work, individual elements and anything special and new challenges.  There is no boarder to be creative on the ground of the Landschaftspark. Take a piece of the area back home!






creative workshop info

Appointments with individual agreements. We can offer the workshop everywhere. 

Possible for groups larger than 10 participiants. For example with the contents of screw painting and frottage: 70,-€ (incl. VAT - 2 hours workshop) each participiant.

All necessary gear is provided.

GIts possible to built Your firm logo or to realise special creative ideas.

power-ruhrgebiet GmbH                   

Tel.: 0203-9868091

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